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Taking steps to conserve energy use and operate more efficiently is a business imperative. Today, that means looking at the entire enterprise footprint to identify building systems and practices that are wasteful, obsolete, or unsustainable.


Murphy Energy Systems is a full service ESCO focused on energy efficiency solutions that help our customers reduce energy use in their operations.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies identify and implement superior solutions that dramatically improve system efficiency and performance while dramatically reducing energy consumption, cost, and harmful emissions.

When we talk about being "powered for efficiency" we are referring to identifying systems or measures that can be taken to truly optimize energy savings.

Our comprehensive

energy audits can 

show you just

how much

you can start saving

immediately and what waiting to

upgrade actually costs.

We know the numbers will surprise you.


Conservation Pays  

Now more than ever and in ever more ways!

Incentives, Grants and Rebates

The cost savings from energy efficiency investments are immediate and substantial and pay dividends in the form of an enhanced workplace making a direct contribution to increased productivity, employee safety and morale.

Significant funding is available for qualified projects through state and federal incentives to offset the costs of retiring old technology and upgrade buildings, plants and manufacturing processes to achieve maximum site efficiency.

Of course, there’s a social dividend too. Conserving energy contributes to a healthier environment and planet.

We would be delighted to discuss how Murphy Energy can help you power your organization for efficiency to a more sustainable bottom-line.


There’s never been a better time to pursue energy

efficiency projects.


Attractive cash rebate and incentive programs are available all across the country.


Exceptional federal programs are also available to help recoup the cost of qualified energy efficiency investments.



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